How A Professional Locksmith Can Help You

How A Professional Locksmith Can Help You

Professional Locksmith Can Help

Perhaps you’re a DIY guy who does all work at home without calling professionals for help. Yet, there are certain of ways a professional locksmith can help you. We all agrees it is not hard or complicated to install a lock, but what if you need to drill holes on the door, in order to add a new deadbolt on your door? On the other hand, what if you need to re-key a lock, which is cheaper than replacing an entire lock and mechanism?

Another reason you may need a professional locksmith is when you replace a lock, and it doesn’t fit because the holes are too small. Because locks are comes in different sizes, you may consider this problem is definitely an option.

Dealing with a professional locksmith company is usually better in order to keep your security on the top level. In fact, dealing with a professional locksmith can also give you peace in mind, and safety to your family. In addition, a legit locksmith company will give you warranty on labor and hardware, so if any problem occur in the future, you’re protected under warranty policy.

We would like to point out several locksmith services, some of them you can’t do by yourself, and perhaps others, you can, but yo may need some help of a professional locksmith:

Car, House, And Business Lockout

Yes, there are some lucky people who finally were able to unlock the door by themselves. However, you must consider the fact you can damage your car or your house. A professional locksmith have the right tools in order to unlock your door.

Sometimes, you can find an open window to get in your house. This is not the case with every house lockout incident. For this reason, we’re working 24 hours, day and night. We have a professional lockout tools in order to unlock your property without causing a damage.

Adding A Deadbolt On Your Door

Replacing an existing deadbolt on your door should be an easy task. Most of the doors has two locks, which is doorknob and a deadbolt. However, some of the doors has only a doorknob, which put your security on risk.

Adding a deadbolt on your door is recommended by all means. In general, the security is your deadbolt, not a doorknob. Drilling holes on your door is a time consuming task. In addition, you also need to align the lock with the door’s frame. This is absolutely a job that need to be done by a professional locksmith.

“Fresh Installation” of deadbolt is the service you need to ask us when you would like to add a deadbolt on your door.

Re-keying Existing Locks

When you need to re-key an existing lock on your door, you better call a professional locksmith service. Despite a basic lock re-key kit that you can buy in local stores, you need to know what you’re doing. When we’re re-keying locks, we change the combination of the pins and the springs. In this case you must know how to re-key a lock.

Don’t think reading the instructions is enough. Every lock is unique, and as you get into problems during re-keying, you may know how to solve those problems. The easy way out of re-keying locks is calling us, we’re happy to assist you.

Broken Key Extraction

It been said a lot about removing a broken key. Perhaps you think “I can do it myself, I just need a small screwdriver or a needle.” You must remember, if the key has broke half way inside the cylinder, you can make a future damage to the cylinder.

In order to remove a broken key from a lock’s cylinder, you may need a variety of tools and professional locksmith kits. We can insert these tools from the side of the key in order to get hold on the broken key from the back side.

Electronic Lock Installation

Installing an electronic lock is quite a different than a standard lock. When you install an electronic lock, you also need to take care and connect the electronic components. In addition, you also need to program the lock to your favorite entry 4 digits pin.

When we install an electronic lock, our locksmith also check if there is a pressure on the bolt or the latch. The bolt or the latch must go in and out the door frame very easy, in order to keep the lock to work properly.

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