Ignition Lock Repair / Replacement

ignition lock repair

Do you have hard time to turn the ignition lock to ON and OFF position?
Is the ignition lock of your vehicle jammed, while you tried to turn it to ON?
Does the key stuck in your ignition lock?

The ignition lock located on the steering column or in the dashboard.

When you turn the ignition lock to ON position, it provides power. This power is in needs for the vehicle’s parts and accessories, such as fuel  pump, and ignition systems, and the electrical components of your car, such as computer and immobilizer.

Ignition lock that going bad is more common than you think. For instance, heavy key ring in the ignition lock can make a major damage to the ignition lock. An ignition lock that won’t turn, can definitely ruin your day. A broken ignition lock on the road can avoid you to follow your schedule of that day.

There are several reasons why an ignition lock won’t turn, and some of them may be quite depend on the model of your car.

Nothing worse than being out to work or shopping with your family in your car. And especially, when you get back to the car, and inserting the key in the ignition lock.

How bad it feels when you turn the key to find the key gets stuck or the ignition switch is jammed.

You may be able to fix it temporary to get back home, but you better take care of the problem before it happen again.

It is possible to examine the ignition lock to find the problem, you can solve this problem yourself. You can find out it’s a minor issue that can be solve by you with just a matter of time.

If it a major issue that can be fix temporary, so back home and deal with it in your convenience..

Please follow these several steps before calling an automotive locksmith or a roadside assistance.

Check if the transmission gear is on “parking” position.

Is the steering wheel locked right now?

Have a look on the key, is it bent?

Check if the key is worn down.

Lubricate the ignition lock with WD-40. Do not hesitate to spray enough until oil is leaking out of the key way.

If you own any type of GM vehicle, check if the battery is full. If there is no power, jump start your battery.

When you are not able to troubleshoot your ignition lock problems, our Locksmiths can help.

We offer complete automotive lock and key services, and we are ready to inspect, diagnose, and take care of ignition switch repair or replacement for pretty many vehicles.

Our expert locksmiths are specializes in ignition lock problem. Whether we need to repair or replace the ignition lock of your car. Alongside with ignition repair service, we provide automotive lockout services, car key made on-site, and car key programming services.

We’re only one phone call away, please call us, and one of our skilled technicians will be on the way to take care of it for you.

When you have hard time to turn the ignition lock, or you have to jiggle the key in process to get the ignition lock to turn ON.

Don’t wait the car to stop in the middle of no where. You don’t want to use a tow service and pay extra cost, simply call LockTech24/7.

In addition to ignition lock repair service, our locksmiths can also cut and program automotive keys of the following vehicles:

We can make car key of the following cars:

 Did You Know?

If you have many keys on your key ring, it can bend or break the wafers and the springs inside the ignition lock.

You better take the ignition key off your key ring and use the key solo inside the ignition.

Because the weight of the additional keys cause pressure while driving, it eventually break parts inside the ignition lock. Alongside with having the risk of bending or cracking the key in the long run.