Lock Services In Easton, Bethlehem, And Allentown PA

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Lock services in Easton, Bethlehem, and Allentown, provided by LockTech24/7 are one step ahead locksmith services, compared to our competitors.

We are 24 hour professional locksmiths in the Lehigh Valley, covering all kind of locks issues. Not only we can help you whether you own a house or a business, but also with all types of locks in the market today.

Our locksmiths are the pros to call when an issue arise with your lock. When we need to repair a lock in emergency, we’ll be there within 20 minutes to address the problem.

In addition to emergency locks services, we also provide schedule service by appointment. With a focus on your convenience, we are available any time you need us, day or night.

Professional Lock Services

Lock Re-key Service

Lock re-key service is usually required when The existing locks on your door work properly, and you want to change the key. Re-keying locks is cheaper than replacing the entire lock system. After re-keying your lock, the old key will no longer operate your lock.

In order to change the key of your lock, we change the combination of the pins inside the cylinder. Every key have different cuts, and this is what we match, pins to cuts. You shouldn’t fear that after re-keying your locks, the old key will still work, it simply won’t!

Call us when you want to re-key existing locks on your property, fast service is our goal, and low price is your benefit.

Lock Repair Service

From time to time, a problem with your lock can occur, and it can just be enough to ruin your day. In a case of a broken lock, especially when you can’t unlock your door, you may need a professional locksmith help.

This is true locks are used from iron and steel, yet, also steel can break. Also deadbolt can break, especially because it combined with small springs and pins.

Call our locksmith if you have a malfunctioned lock that gives you hard time in a daily basis. We can repair any lock, change broken parts, or just maintain it, so it works like a new lock, again.

Lock Change Service

In some cases, when your lock is beyond repair, we can simply replace it with a new lock. In this case, we also give you three months warranty.

When you wish for a better security to your home or your office, it recommended to replace your locks to better ones, A professional mobile locksmith carry in his van a variety of locks from all kinds. So we are!

Replacing locks done by LockTech24/7 can assure you fast, reliable, and professional locksmith service. It’s important to remember, if you’ve installed a lock improperly, it won’t protect you.

24-7 Emergency Lock Services

Broken Lock Repair – When the lock on your door break off without early sign, you may need emergency locksmith to unlock your door.

Lost Or Stolen Key – This is a serious emergency issue because someone can find or gram your key in order to use it later. In this case, you must to re-key the locks, as soon as possible.

Broken Key Extraction – When you want to unlock your door and suddenly the key break off inside the lock. In this case, only emergency locksmith extract the key and open your door.

Electronic Locks – Electronic devices can fail from time to time. One of the most common reason is because the batteries died. In this case, there is no power supply for the keypad. The only way to open your door is to pick the lock.

We Solve Your Lock And Key Problems

LockTech24/7 professional lock experts are waiting to your call. We proud to assist customers in Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton in a daily basis. In the light of professionalism, why let your maintenance company to deal with your locks? Why trust unprofessional to deal with your security?

We are here, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any kind of lock service, you may need. Local lock services which servicing you at your home or your business is the best way to solve your lock and key problems.

Please call us now and receive 10% off with your next purchase.