Safe Lockout Services

Safe Lockout

Safe Lockout can happen when you forgot to replace the batteries  or the mechanism is jammed. Another option to be lock out of your safe is when you forget the combination code. Safes give people an additional peace in mind.

There are many brands, sizes, shapes and styles of safe boxes. From a small lock box that people have at home to commercial safe in a business. Not to mention a walk-in safe room that usually you can see in the banks.

Most of safes are fire-proof. But also then, fire-proof strength has a rate. This combined the fire temperature and the length of time the safe can stay in a fire without internal damage. As higher is the rate of fire-proof, the better.

Several Reasons To Get Locked Out Of A Safe

One of the most common reason to  get locked out of your safe is when you forget to replace the batteries. The average time of replacing the batteries is 3 years. After this period of time, the batteries can be drained out, at any day. When this happen, a lucky safe’s owner have the safe door open while the batteries drained out, so he can replace the batteries easily.

Another common reason is forgetting the combination of the same. For some reason or another, we change the combination code to open the safe without writing down the new code on a paper. If you forget the combination code, check the user manual of the safe, maybe you can find a reset code.

If you can’t find a reset code, you can call the customer service of your safe to provide you with a new combination and keys. Some of the safe companies will troubleshoot opening the safe with you over the phone. Other safe companies publish instruction online. For instance, HoneyWell Safes has publish instruction of all the information needed in order to request a new combination code and key. Please read PDF file here: Lost combination and replacement keys.

In short, there are so many reasons to be locked out of our safe that we need to be careful.

Safe Lockout Services

LockTech24/7 locksmiths can help you when you’re locked out of your safe or your lock box. If your safe have only lock, without a keypad board for combination code, we can pick the lock to open the safe for you.

LockTech24/7 is mobile locksmith company serving Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton PA. We help to open safes of residents in the Lehigh Valley, and surrounding area.

Our locksmiths are available 24 hour a day to provide you with emergency locksmith services , as well as 24 hour emergency lockout services, whenever you need our safe lockout service. Don’t hesitate to call us when you need to unlock your safe. Please be specific about the brand name and size of the safe.